Boiler Room Construction Based On Your Needs

Boiler Room Construction

Quality boiler room construction and precision installation of your boiler unit.

The boiler room is the nerve centre for your project’s HVAC system. Let Forrest Mechanical Inc. efficiently take your boiler room from design to completion.

  • Spec sheet interpretation: Provide us with blueprints, drawings, and other requirements and we’ll build your boiler room to those exact specifications.
  • Equipment recommendations: During the course of your boiler room construction, our contractors will provide any suggestions and advice, should you request it.

Constructed To Code

You can rest assured that every element of your boiler room will be built according to the Ontario Technical Standards and Safety Act:

  • Fire Rating
  • Emergency Switches
  • Venting
  • Safe Ingress and Egress
  • Fresh Air Intake
  • Drainage and Backflow Discharge

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Working with safety in mind

At Forrest Mechanical Inc., the only ways to build you boiler room are safely and responsibly. That means:

  • Using great care when working and navigating your job site.
  • Treating your project, employees, and other contractors with courtesy and respect.
  • Never settling for anything less than the highest quality.

You’re a project manager. You’ve got timetables to schedule and budgets to manage. With Forrest Mechanical Inc. handling your boiler room construction, you won’t have to worry about either.