Chillers & Hvac Replacement Equipment

Commercial Refrigeration Service

Commercial Refrigeration Service, Repairs, and Installation for your building

We provide industrial refrigeration, chillers, and HVAC replacement equipment to deliver the cool air you need without compromising building efficiency.

  • Chiller installation: Environmental comfort. Industrial cooling. Refrigeration. Manufacturing. Air conditioning and heating. We install air-cooled or water-cooled chillers for any application.
  • HVAC replacement equipment: Furnace. Air conditioning. Ventilation reconfiguration. Should your current HVAC system require an upgrade, we can provide and install any and all new units.

Industrial Refrigeration Maintenance

Regularly scheduled commercial refrigeration service keeps your chillers in tip-top shape, while reducing your carbon footprint and monthly energy bills. Our industrial refrigeration maintenance services include:

  • Cleaning all equipment
  • Completing evaporator inspections
  • Checking compressor units
  • Cleaning and testing condensers
  • Detecting and repairing leaks
  • Draining and replacing oil.

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Commercial and Industrial Refrigeration Service

Safety, Quality, And Respect

Great care is required when installing new chillers or HVAC replacement equipment. To that end, you can expect our air conditioning and heating team to:

  • Place safety above all else.
  • Respect your time and project.
  • Answer any concerns or questions you have.
  • Deliver the quality you demand at all times.

As a project manager, you’re juggling many balls at once. At Forrest Mechanical Inc., our team of HVAC experts ensure that your industrial refrigeration needs are met; not dropped.