Our Number One Priority

Forrest Mechanical  Inc. Safety

We provide a safety-first environment at all times.

At Forrest Mechanical Inc., nothing is more important than the safety of our employees, the conditions in which we work, and how we conduct ourselves on your job site.

  • Accident prevention: The best way to prevent accidents is to follow established safety regulations and guidelines at all times.
  • Constant training: Best safety practices are always evolving. When they do, our contractors immediately learn and apply what’s new.

Safety Accreditations

Forrest Mechanical Inc. is proud members of the following organizations which place a high emphasis on safety:

  • Technical Standards & Safety Association (T.S.S.A.)
  • Professional Engineers Ontario
  • Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada

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Safety at Forrest Mechanical

Never worry about safety with Forrest Mechanical Contractors Inc.

As a project manager, you have dozens, maybe hundreds, of contractors working on site. With our team, you don’t have to spend your time or bandwidth ensuring safety procedures are always followed; this is our primary concern.

Whether we’re installing or servicing a backflow preventer, providing plumbing, heating & air conditioning, or other services, you can rest assured it’ll be done properly and safely.